RealLife RomCom, Episode 2

Life seems to work out best when I release control and let it happen. I see the world with open eyes and an open heart. I trust that my life will teach me what is good for me, even when I find myself resisting the lesson. Now, I consciously let go again and allow what will be, be.

One World

Majesty is parallel within. One extraordinary story intertwines experience, creates perspective — facets from which to view anew. Breathe in.

Modernized Alchemy

Alchemy is the manifestation of energy — aligning life, love and purpose. Ideas are a dime a dozen. Ideas and intentions are wonderful beginnings but they aren’t indicative of success. Gold itself is special, but it’s what you do with it that is magical.

The Joys of Finding My Balance

I am here on a mission, to guide people to live integrated lives, transforming themselves into their ideal selves — eventually transforming our world into the ideal place to live. But that includes living a life we love, with our families, friends and ourselves.