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DEEPLY ALIGNing founders, brands, Cultures & CREATIVE


Transform with deep coaching to find and accelerate your flow. Then, align your brand, culture and consumer experience with our creative direction, copywriting & design.


Awakening Individuals

Embrace your true self and align with your highest path forward. We help you reach your fullest potential so you can stay authentic and be courageous. We help you craft your life around you, to support your alignment with vision.

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Enligtened Entrepreneurs

A founder's mission and her company's mission are one in the same when she's in alignment. We offer creative direction and deliverables to see that startups blossom into their fullest potential. We're like a midwife for your business baby.

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Conscious Companies

Shedding light on existing corporate experiences and brand identities, we help companies flip the switch to enlightened employee experiences with cultural initiatives and creative direction. We bring good energy and hold the space.

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The Magentic Vision

A New Wave of Working

When passion and purpose are aligned with ambition and kindness, we experience freedom with ease. We see this alignment throughout our clients' lives, from their personal life, to their family life and into the workplace. 



Authentic transformation starts within. The space we create for you to bravely dive in isn't just magnetic, it's Magentic.

—  Jennie Souiade, Founder


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Visioning & Values:

A solid vision creates an energetic trajectory to more efficient practices, ease of focus, and creative flow.

Our niche is in our energy.