The New Wave of Doing Business

The New Wave of Doing Business

I created the essence of how I've always wanted to work--an atmosphere of absolute integrity, compassion and transparency.

I took the leap and started my company in July 2018. Fast forward nine months later to today, my business baby is blossoming and my clients crave more of the work essence we've established. I'm so proud of what my business has become, our values, visions, and the organic growth we've achieved. I'm relieved we get to choose our clients just as they choose us. I cherish our caliber, compassionate, mutually fulfilling and inspiring relationships as brave souls figuring it out as we go, always on our terms.

We get to write out rules. We get to decide how we want to live and work. Remembering that and working with people who remember that is a gift and the only way I want to work from now on.

And, I'm pregnant! For the third time. Just as I felt my business started smoothly sailing, I realized I held another life and that soon, I'd be spread out even more. My 23 year old self would have been horrified and betrayed that I've 'given up' so much of my career to focus on creating a family too, but a different person now and I'm so enjoying these changes and challenges.

I appreciate these nine months to think and to decide whats right for me, my family, myself... and my business and my clients. It's a challenge, as anything is, but one I'm oh so willing to take on and do 'my way'. I am lucky to feel the support I have around me, but it's not all luck, it's what we've been building--creating webs of positivity, compassion and supportive inspiration.

Staying conscious that I'm not just an entrepreneur, or just a mom, a wife... or myself keeps me focused in each moment, present in each role.

With an agency background and impressive creative roles on my resume, I confidently ventured off to explore the startup world to expand my horizons. First I lead the creative, brands and cultures of other companies and then I created my own. I love the spirit of entrepreneurism and the ability to carefully curate a culture. I love how I could be honest and open, and mute the Slack notifications when it was family time, knowing I'd get a text if something was 'really' urgent. I learned the theory of transparency, and practiced the practice, I saw how they work and fed off of the ambitious yet collaborative energy. 

At Magentic, we create alignment for clients to find their flow in life, business, branding and creating a conscious culture. As a Transformation Agency extending beyond advertising and beyond life coaching, we integrate the two through deep understanding and deep branding. For creatives and entrepreneurs, we offer to help with finding alignment within their lives. We find taking the time to define themselves in this way helps solidify their personal values and visions, and to confidently lead an organization. We find our clients who clearly understand their personal brand communicate with investors, client meetings, recruits, and their existing cultures more easily and effectively. To take the alignment a step farther, we flow the founder's organized energy into the foundation of their business. Focusing the trajectories of everyone's work with a common vision, we allow the entrepreneurial spirit to live on in the brand and culture, evolving and existing in a way that resonates with tangible clarity and integrity--for the founders, employees, clients and customers.

As our network of conscious and compassionately aligned entrepreneurs and companies grow, we all grow, together.

As a company, we're honored and overjoyed that our passionate creations create new waves in society as we share our visions, missions and passions with such purpose. We don't do things differently simply because they're different. We do things differently because we're unafraid to do them 'right'--because we stand so strongly behind our ideas for what could be that we take steps every day to make sure they come to be. What's 'right' is what is right for It might change tomorrow, and we're okay with that.

Transparency is key--putting it all out into the open for everyone to see. A culture built around transparency requires the integrity of every member. We can't be bullies, not to ourselves and not to others.

Compassion, confidence, creativity. There's only room for kindness when we're focused on growth--our own and the growth of the organization.

In the startups I've directed and learned with, the success of the company is determined by the culture. Hands down. The best cultures revolve around this growth mindset and absolute integrity. A very naked truth and honesty. It's nerve-wracking at first, to break down walls we've learned to put up to protect ourselves. But the sooner we do, the sooner everyone does, the bigger and more beautifully we blossom.

Every day we learn. Every day we make mistakes. Every day, we share, come together and do better together. Everyone learns from everyone's trial and error. And then collectively, we make less of the errors, or handle them better. That's awesome. The more integrity, the faster and better things get done.

In another analogy, motherhood constantly teaches me that precise assumptions and forecasts are a waste of time. Projections are useful as guides but are certainly not end-all-be-alls and can become such a waste of time and emotional energy when we hold them tightly, or worse attach our value to them. Of course goals and deadlines, fast-paced turn arounds and long term objectives are important, but they should feel more exciting and less threatening.

With a mindset to go with the flow, pivot when necessary, and treat every moment as a point in time to think clearly and act, each moment becomes a possible turning point where we can turn, reevaluate or jump to another point if it makes sense. That's being 'agile'.

Agility works with uncertainty. Everything is uncertain. Truly.

As a culture, as a company, as clients, we're focus on awareness. We listen. We respect the way it's always been, but we are keenly aware that it is not the only way and gently help people see through their clouds of judgment. Collectively, we pave our own way, writing it as we go, hand in hand, through brand, culture and communications, for visions through to executions--in absolute integrity with what we believe is right and good and we go home happy at the end of every day.

Our work makes us happy, renews our enthusiasm and let's us live joyfully, being everything we want to be all at once, all the time--as long as we are present.

Presence takes practice, of course. It's a process and we're patient with ourselves. Our ability to be successfully present depends on developing and nurturing our network to include only like-spirited clients and customers, supporting similar visions, missions and who understand that in this new wave of doing business, we all support each other. It goes both ways. We give, we take, we appreciate.

We feel the only way any of us can do everything we do, happily and healthfully, is with the symbiotic relationships of the people around us. Step by step, we are creating a network of transparent support, love and care, with patience and humility to make it easier for any of us to understand (and act on) the 'right' way at any given time, whatever has to happen. It's grace.

There was a snow day this winter, and I canceled three different client meetings to stay home and play with my young kids. I explained the situation to my clients and promptly made arrangements to reschedule. Typically, my work week is Monday - Wednesday 8:30am - 2:30pm because otherwise I am 'mom' and I insist on being present for my kids when they're around. (I love the short and focused work schedule, and will get into that in another article.) Suddenly, I had to manage awkward make-up meetings at midnight Thursday, 7am on Friday and 2pm Sunday afternoon, (all on my precious non-working days...) but I was so appreciative to my clients who on the phone and without hesitation said, "Aww, have an awesome day with your kids playing in the snow. We'll talk later. Go." I mean, how wonderful... really. Thank you... Time to make a snowman... I hope we still have carrots.

We are our village... and it indeed takes a village to raise a child... the only thing we must remember, is that we are also children ourselves.

We always have something to learn, need someone to lean on, want someone to play with and support someone in need. The conditions of being an adult don't prevent us from supporting each other with the unconditional compassion, respect and openness of a child. The day we decide we know everything, that we are 'experts' with nothing left to learn, or have no time to listen to another opinion is the day we extinguish our potential for joy. Let's keep our passions burning. Yes, we'll control the fire so we don't burn out. We'll show the world a new way of doing business, one that makes us all feel more alive.

Let's accelerate and compound our achievements to flow faster, with our high-standards of integrity, together. We're here for you and really happy to welcome you into our network of this new wave of doing business.

If this resonates with you, we're happy to discuss our integrative transformational coaching sessions and creative direction to align your life, business, brand and culture with purpose. Supporting people doing everything they dream to do, in their lives, family, businesses, it couldn't make me happier. We look forward to meeting you.

With love and light,

Jennie Souiade
CEO & Founder, Magentic


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