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Magentic guides the brave to take a leap and change their world with clear sighted vision, truth, compassion and purpose.

We create an inspiring environment where kindness, curiosity, ambition and balance are honored. Rewarding these pillars of success creates a ripple effect for our higher good, to be a force of good.

Be brave, be bold. We will help, but you are yours to transform today. 

With love and light,
Jennie Souiade

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New York NY

Jennie Souiade, Founder of Magentic

Jennie Souiade, Founder of Magentic


Interview with the Founder:

Why Magentic?

The company or the name? For the company, our goal is to help you dig deep, discover your vision/mission, clearing the way from anything that isn't. We help you create a strategy to shoot for your stars with presence to make conscious choices along your path, guiding you with purpose.

Our work is a mix of advertising and life coaching, so it's turning our expertise with creativity and branding inward on the truest form of a brand persona on a journey —you! And your life and business, because when we're aligned, everything is so intertwined. It's so lovely, really.

The name?

Magentic plays with three meaningful words and ideas: magenta, majestic, and magnetic. There's a little hint of magic in there too. I can go deeper, but that's probably good for now.

Biggest Challenge?

Transformation only occurs if you're willing to be transformed, in and of yourself. So if someone comes and kind-of wants to transform, it'll only kind-of work. Haha. It's an 'all in' experience, but we'll help you stay in it along the way. For me, I know it can feel like a whiplash sometimes. 

Once you're open, you're on your way though, and things will begin to click. That's my favorite part. It's magical. That's when we start to craft (design, write, do) all the collateral around you, to support you, so that it's easier to stay aligned inside and out. That's why we created this agency.

So, what kind of collateral do you create?

Anything a brand could get, you can get too, with the attention and know-how of the experts in their fields. Think logo, color palette, style guide, manifesto, videos, photo shoots, business cards, letter head, correspondence cards, hair/wardrobe, website, slide templates, social media... the opportunities are yours to decide.

We're creative directors, designers, writers, and partners with all sorts of specialists. Take home organization for instance, we partner with people who know how to make your sacred space, so that you can wake up with ease, feeling empowered every day. That's powerful.

The 'branded collateral' that we offer serves to support you, to remember the stories you've chosen to keep in your present, to keep you on track and aligned with the you you feel is most authentic and true.

Why you?

Haha, why not? My background in international advertising agencies—I worked at Saatchi & Saatchi in Singapore and McCann in Paris—gives me the fundamentals to deconstruct a product to find the 'unique selling point' or the true essence of why a particular product might exist. And then to create a brand around the truth, that's what I liked. But I needed more So, I worked with startups to dive deeper and make more of an impact. It was great, but it still wasn't quite right. And then, I realized, I had to start my own to live and create in true alignment for and of myself. I couldn't not create this agency, if that makes sense. Magentic is the manifestation of my life's mission, working three days a week and all, and to be edited as my kids go to school. If it feels right.

What does alignment mean to you?

Alignment is the ultimate comfort, though that may be misleading. Alignment is comfortable because it's 'right'. It's easy, because I'm not fighting myself. It's not easy because it's loads of work, but it is again, because I like the work. It is in alignment because it doesn't feel like work. Does that make sense?

What does alignment bring to you?

Peace. Alignment gives me presence, meaning, time with my family and friends, ultimately freedom… and a challenge. It combines all of my experiences and passions and allows me to do something that truly matters to me. I get to bring value to others in a unique and meaningful way. And I transform and grow, myself, as I do it!

Are you always in alignment?

Hmm. I'm a work in progress. Creating this company and doing the work helps me be present and it forces me to expand. I do still catch myself standing in my own way, but then I am grateful for the opportunity to break down a new wall. For instance, I was anxious about starting a company because I'd be responsible for everything, at least at first. So, I enrolled myself in the hardest Financial Accounting class I could find—at Wharton, on Coursera—to prove to myself that I was capable. I passed. I stepped over that hurdle and I moved on... And the most important lesson is that I need a good accountant by my side!

Touché. What do you love the most?

People are ever-evolving. The way I see it is that we are always a version of ourselves. We are all reflections of our the stories we tell ourselves. The world sees us on the outside how we see ourselves on the inside, what we choose to reflect in each moment.

I get to reflect the life I want to create for myself, while helping everyone I work with create theirs! What a joy!

Oh! Also, I love that being my own boss gives me a strong sense of authority. I can stand up for what I know to be right much more easily because I'm protecting an organism that's bigger than myself… it's like training wheels for how to stand up for myself in all situations. I listen to the whispers of intuition when they're still whispers. And I have to credit Oprah for that beautiful way of putting it… whispers.

Parting thoughts?

The idea is that Magentic turns clients from paying clients into paid partners.  That's my ultimate goal, anyway. I think it's beautiful. In being bravely authentic, we transform ourselves, each other. We transform together.

Right? So, now we've got people in alignment with themselves, with their goals and practicing living life in a whole new way. We encourage evolution, awakening to your true purpose, and once you're "awake", present or making conscious choices, you're alive and manifesting your dreams! Haha. Yay.

YAY, indeed. Thank you.

Haha, thank you!