A Transformation Agency

Creative Direction & Integrative Coaching


People seek authenticity in brands, cultures and relationships—today, more than ever.

Led by a Creative & Culture Director with international experiences in advertising agencies and startups, our creative services complement our coaching sessions by actualizing transformations with print, digital and experiential artifacts.

Combining the principles of branding with the stripped-bare concept of true authenticity, Magentic guides companies and individuals to align efforts in focused intentions to attract ease, enjoyment and enthusiasm. We learn, we heal, we create.

Align your reality with ease, enjoyment & enthusiasm. Step into your life and share your truth with the world.





Packaged sessions by Objective

Strategic Visioning — Lighting the way to focus attention, a clear vision is step one to experiencing ease and enjoyment. Great for achieving goals and aligning teams.

Brand/Essence Development— Crystalize your intentions, values, essence in your identity and let all else fall into place. As much for companies as it is for individuals.

Cultural Integration — Cultivate and sustain a living brand within a corporation, aligning values, missions and visions for every decision. Authenticity inspires acceleration.

In-Depth Experience Audit — Integrating ourselves into your culture, interactions, and reality, our report will help direct your energies to overcome obstacles and fears to allow flow. Offered as stealth or straight-forward integrations.

Hit Refresh — We invite calm into your space, refreshing and renewing the vibe with stress-relief, spatial organization and color theory techniques. Create a zen zone for increased productivity.

Advisor Accountability — We'll hold time and space to guide you toward your goals, whatever they may be. Access to a monthly slush-fund of hours reserved for you.


a la carte creative services

We offer high-caliber crafted designs, copy and content to complement your transformations with sensory artifacts to share with the world.

Most requested creative services:

  • Naming: Companies & Products
  • Brand Style Guides: Visuals and Voices
  • Storytelling: Corporate Manifestos
  • Design: Logos, Identity Suites, Websites
  • Content: Profiles, Social Media, Pitches
  • Environments: spatial experiences

Have something special in mind? Let's discuss...


private coaching framework

Personal & Professional Integration—Achieve life integration in the many facets of your life to achieve a balance that brings joy to every day. Mondial insights include the Parisian 'joie de vivre', oriental philosophies and Midwestern sensitivity.

Mini Manifesto — We take you through our branding process to craft 'you' as you want to be, authentically. Present yourself as the 'brand' you want to be. Great as a trigger for a turning point or to redefine yourself afterward.

Personal Cheerleader — Think of us as your wing-person with endless positivity and enthusiasm. We'll pump you up, sit next to you, and cheer you on to help you realize your value for your honest contributions. Great for job interviews, first dates, negotiations and personal growth.

Full Transparency— Offering perspective and support, we'll help you identify and eliminate your obstacles so that you can flow with success with ease. Requires openness, willingness and determination to accept a better life.

Transcendent Guidance — Step into an alternative reality where miracles happen and life simply flows. Your choices are always yours to make, but we'll serve you as your humble guides to open up, find your inner being and co-create your life. Specialized techniques and methods to be discussed.



The Gift of Giving — Know someone who could use a hand? Subsidize sessions or simply pay it forward with charitable donations matched by our company to provide services to everyone who would appreciate them.

 The Gift of Serving—In alliance with Debris Free Oceans, Magentic co-hosts Earth-healing cleanup sessions in NYC. Work among and with a collection of local healers for a day of uplifting social and personal good. Heal to be Healed.