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Magentic creates sensory experiences for brands, cultures and personalities based on true essences and unlimited possibilities.  Success is when audiences naturally resonate with pure alignment.

We exist to create beauty, amplify love, promote wellness, encouraging inspiration, share, understand and seek experiences that make a happy life, always. For ourselves, for our clients, for everyone, for every one.


Our process and deliverables are custom for each client. Our multi-dimensional methods are based on seeking authenticity hand in hand with our clients. A clients' willingness to dig, dream and do determines the course and the depth of the transformation.

We believe the deeper we go, the higher we soar. Growth and evolution are invaluable experiences that can be attained by both individuals, corporations and both, as  often applies to startups and founding teams.


Brands and creative expressions are artifacts of our experiences. We are artists with a strategy to seek and share the truth with creativity. See our services page for some of the ways we can create sensory experiences.



We serve corporations, startups and individuals who are ready for the next dimension of what is possible. Together, we create alternate realities for ourselves, our companies and our brands with creativity and kindness.


An authentic brand allows others to see us for who we are and align with us with ease, to multiply our successes together--personal, professional, corporate or otherwise.

While we help you to achieve what you desire, we will break it down to why. Oftentimes, 'why' exposes clarity for creating more direct paths to happiness and freedom.


In tune with a knowing that we can have it all, just not all at once, our work week is Monday through Wednesday. Special scheduling may be made with advance planning.

By nature of our work, we don't keep a permanent space. We prefer to experience your world as you experience it, in your office, home or somewhere meaningful.


Magentic guides private clients and corporations through meaningful transformations with a network of savvy professionals hired as needed. As a result, clients enjoy high-caliber services that more resemble freelancer rates than agency fees.